Lucia Ricciardelli: Documentary Scholar & Practitioner

Lucia's Short Bio

Lucia Ricciardelli is an Associate Professor in the School of Film and Photography at Montana State University in Bozeman, where she teaches film studies and photography theory, and mentors graduate students in the MFA Program in Science & Natural History Documentary Filmmaking. Over the past two decades, Ricciardelli’s research has focused on the use of documentary filmmaking as an act of community engagement and cultural preservation, resulting in publications, conference presentations, and the production of documentary films that seek to raise awareness about social issues such as affordable housing and homelessness. In the past decade, Ricciardelli has helped forge cross-cultural partnership with Montana Indigenous tribes, leading to the production of documentary films to celebrate Native American culture and to help preserve and transmit Native American languages, contributing to tribal efforts to increase their capacity for self-determination. Ricciardelli's approach to these areas of study has been characterized by interdisciplinary methods and has been closely informed by her teaching.

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Documentary Publications, Conferences, & Workshops

Conference Organizer

Visible Evidence XXIII Conference

New Frontiers in Documentary

Bozeman, MT August 11-14, 2016

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68th University Film & Video Conference

Nature & Narrative

Bozeman, MT, August 6-9, 2014

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Documentary Workshops with Native American Tribes in Montana

My ongoing, cross-cultural partnership with Native American tribes in Montana so far has involved planning, designing and leading documentary filmmaking workshops in collaboration with my undergraduate and graduate students. This ongoing partnership has had three main, integrative goals: 1) Using the production of documentary films to teach and learn about Native American cultures; 2) generating community-led documentary films for the preservation and transmission of Native American oral histories and for the endorsement of cross-cultural engagement; and 3) contributing to the revitalization and maintenance of indigenous languages and cultures across the state of Montana.

Hatch Edu Lab

Design the School of the Future 2-day Workshop. Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning (DSEL) - Montana State University April 24-25, 2015

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Undergraduate Research in Film
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American Documentary Filmmaking in the Digital Age: Depictions of War in Burns, Moore, and Morris
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Illusions of Stillness and Movement: An Introduction to Film and Photography
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Articles and Book Chapters

Documentary Filmmaking in the Postmodern Age: Errol Morris & the Fog of Truth
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Re-Visoning Selfdetermination: Planning For Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Oral Histories With Indigenous Communities
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I saw a REAL Indian on TV last night!”: Engaging students in historical thinking for social justice
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Cross-Cultural digital storywork: A framework for engagement with/in Indigenous communities
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Dissonant Truths or Plausible Lies? Italian Documentary Filmmaking In The Digital Age
Disseminating Doubts: Gianfranco Pannone and the Cinema of the Real
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