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May 2022


An Indigenous Research Agenda adopts Ethical Research Protocols that:

* Recognize the COLLECTIVE RIGHTS of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES to INTELLECTUAL and CULTURAL PROPERTY: Indigenous peoples are the guardians of their customary knowledge and have the right to protect and control dissemination of that knowledge.

* Emphasize RESPECT: "The term ‘respect’ is consistently used by indigenous peoples to underscore the significance of our relationships and humanity. Through respect the place of everyone and everything in the universe is kept in balance and harmony. Respect is a reciprocal, shared, constantly interchanging principle which is expressed through all aspects of social conduct." (Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Methodologies, 1999; p. 120) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Indigenous peoples must decide what is relevant to them:

* Whose Research is it? Who owns it?

* Whose interests does it serve? Who will benefit from it?

* Who has designed its questions and framed its scope?

* Who will carry it out and “write” it up?

* How will its results be disseminated?

* Is her spirit clear?

* Does he have a good heart?

* What other baggage are they carrying?

* Are they useful to us?

* Can they actually do anything?

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